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About the Founder 

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Discover and Book Mentors for Life events

Sagejoy was started recently in October of 2019 after the Founder Jeanette felt frustrated during her wedding planning days and wished she had someone she could speak to privately about her stress from her parents and in-laws. But most of her friends were unmarried at the time and couldn't understand her or they quickly grew tired. After seeing a therapist and exhausting the friends and family around her, she realized that what she needed most was someone who was willing to give her advice, someone who went through something similar and completely understood her, and finally someone who could be confidential, private, and a good listening ear outside of her existing social circle. Thus, Sagejoy was born to fill the gap and social re-engineer the way we vent by connecting people to those with the right relevant life event experience.  


Jeanette thinks that the current social system has a gap on wedding mentors and mentors for life events – the things that really matter. Everyday, real people who listen and give advice based on their own life experiences – whether it be interpersonal relationship issues that arise during or after wedding planning, the birth of a new child, dealing with aging parents, or work stress (i.e. co-worker issues or choosing a new career).


This peer to peer marketplace platform connects wise individuals with life experience and extra time with individuals who are in need of advice and a listening ear. It's a platform that can connect new brides to newlyweds and also to older mentors for life advice (post-wedding, newborns, family-planning, etc.). It's a system that allows people to show appreciation for another's time & advice, even if they forget to say "thank you", because the "thank you" gratitude is already recognized & paid upfront.


Hopefully, Sagejoy creates supplemental income for the mentors who are newlyweds, homemakers or retired seniors, who might benefit from extra cash, while also allowing them the opportunity to aid others, make new friends and socialize outside of their existing circle. Jeanette’s dream is that people save themselves time and unnecessary extra stress & loneliness during a challenging life event. That as a mentee grows and develops, they will also become Sages themselves to mentor the next generation. 



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