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Discover and Book Mentors for Life events

Mission Statement

Sagejoy’s mission is to connect people with life event experience with those who need guidance, in order to reduce loneliness & stress during a challenging time. Sagejoy is building a community that is intergenerational, empowering both mentors and mentees. We are also changing the way venting occurs by connecting people with individuals who actually went through a similar life event. These are members of society who truly understand and can provide invaluable advice. Mentors on Sagejoy are financially rewarded for their mentorship time because they incur an opportunity cost, they deserve to be rewarded, and finally to attract quality mentors and mentees that will take the mentorship seriously and with purpose. Mentors may be retired seniors, homemakers, parents, newlyweds, entrepreneurs, grad students, existing professionals, or the self-employed.

Sagejoy welcomes all races, genders, identities and incomes. Please adhere to common sense and respect at all times. A community of trust is built upon honesty, respect, confidentiality and a genuine passion to help others. Please read the Terms of Use. If you do not agree with the terms, please do not use Sagejoy to find a mentor or mentee. Remember, Sagejoy is only for those who are 18+ in age and the platform is not for medical use or treatment. 

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