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Find wise, emphathetic individuals who want to be your sounding board. Discuss & relax from your challenges.

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Private one-on-one sessions

Enjoy focused attention on you and your life. Brainstorm, set goals and stay on track. Sessions remain confidential*.

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Been there, done that

Meet real, genuine people who can guide you to the light from their hard-earned wisdomFinally, find someone who truly gets you and wants to listen.  

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Safety & Trust

Payments are released after a completed session. Links to providers' on Linkedin, Instagram, and/or Facebook are included for your review. Any issues, and Sagejoy will consider for your money back*.


1. Find a shoulder to lean on

Easily filter by discussion topics, gender, and more to easily and conveniently find your match.


2. Make a booking instantly

Schedule the appointment and pay online. No need to deal with cash or calling to make an appointment. Choose between Stripe or PayPal.


3. Repeat, and enjoy

Enjoy your session using a digital format of your choice such as Zoom, Skype, texting, or however you both agree. Rate your session afterwards and proactively book again to secure your next meeting.

Simple steps to get started

Common questions

What types of life events is this platform for?

A) Getting Married B) Birth of a new baby C) Relationship issues (excluding domestic abuse, and Prohibited Topics, see Terms of Use) D) Workplace stress (i.e. Co-worker issues & other interpersonal issues) E) Taking care of aging parents F) Passing/illness of a loved one

Is this platform for medical use or only non-medical use?

Sagejoy is for non-medical use and mentorship. Sagejoy is an online marketplace that connects mentors with mentees to facilitate non-medical discussions & brainstorming about life events and its accompanying difficult people. There is no medical therapy or legal advice given by mentors and the usage of the term "therapy" is not allowed for mentors as this is only legally allowed by licensed mental healthcare professionals. However, if needed, licensed professionals in mental counseling & therapy are listed here as well.

Is health insurance accepted?

Unfortunately, at this time health insurance is not accepted by mentors or Licensed Professionals who give therapy. In the future we will look to see if this is possible, but at the current moment it is not. Health insurance programs and reimbursements is complicated, and not everyone has it. Even so, those who have health insurance may not be covered 100% or at all for therapy. With copays, high deductibles to be met, and seeing if the provider is in-network or not, Sagejoy eliminates all of these complications and simplifies the booking and payment process- what you see is what you pay. With Sagejoy, the peer-to-peer platform allows market forces of finding & booking a mentor or Licensed Professional to naturally happen in a financially transparent manner with no surprise bills, that may end up being cheaper for those without insurance or high deductibles.

What if I didn't like or agree with what my mentor advised? What if my mentor did not give me advice? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds if you do not like, agree with or are not satisfied with the advice your mentor has given. The time a mentor spends with you has passed and payment is owed for the mentor’s time. If the mentor recommends more meetings before they feel comfortable to give you complete advice, please recognize that this may be in your interest as a mentee in order to receive the best possible advice. Mentees are always free, of course, to book an appointment with another Sage Mentor or Licensed Professional going forward if you are unhappy or not satisfied for that or any reason. For more informatoin and on cancellation policy, please review the Terms of Use and FAQ.

Are discussions confidential?

Yes, both mentors and mentees must abide by a confidentiality & non-disclosure agreement that is part of the Terms of Use.

Can I try to book my mentor outside of Sagejoy? Why shouldn't I ?

Users may ask each other questions before a paid booking, however, it is prohibited to share contact information until after a booking has been paid. It is also prohibited to post your contact information (phone numbers, emails, chat IDs, addresses, etc.) publicly on a listing page and your listing will not be approved. Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through with the integrated Stripe payment processor. Users who engage or communicate off of Sagejoy for the booking or payment process will have violated and not be under our Terms of Use.​ Users found doing so will be removed from the Sagejoy platform. Off-platform transactions & sharing of contact information prior to payment is not allowed in order to create a safe community and to ensure that you're under our Terms of Use, cancellation & refund policies. Under the Sagejoy cancellation & refund policy, if the mentee misses an appointment without advance appointment cancellation of >24 hours, mentors will still receive payment for the first hour and mentees will be refunded the remaining hours, less the first hour and the 15% Sagejoy commission fee. Furthermore, off-platform transactions & communication means that you won't be able to review your mentor or mentee after your session. Ratings are important for the Sagejoy community in order to create a safe & transparent platform for all. Keeping the booking process and communication within the Sagejoy platform makes it easy to find and reference important booking details like the date of your session, the number of hours paid, and other useful information. We can’t provide these benefits if your reservation isn’t booked and paid for directly through Sagejoy. Paying or communicating outside of Sagejoy also puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. Through Sagejoy, money is released to the mentor after the appointment.

Can anyone be a mentee?

Sagejoy welcomes all races, genders, identities and incomes here at Sagejoy. The most important factor is a geunine interest in the services of the mentor or coach. If you would like a mentor or coach, you may request one under the "Request a Mentor" posting feature and state an hourly rate of your choice and a mentor or coach may reach out to you. Alternatively, you may book directly with a mentor or coach and/or contact them for further questions with the contact button.