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Earn money while helping others. Be part of a community of mentors, coaches and professionals, while building up reviews.

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Set your own price & schedule 

You’re in full control of your availability, prices, and how you interact (video, phone, etc).

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Earn reviews, to get more bookings

Earn and amass reviews under one platform so that you build a track record to help get more future bookings.

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Simple & Secure

Payment processing all included- peace of mind that the funds are waiting for you after a completed session. All users must agree to our Terms of Use* for community safety. 


1. Post a listing for free

Share your life wisdom with others and post a listing without signup charges and select which life event topics you would like to discuss.


2. Full control

Choose your own schedule, prices, and how you want to digitally connect. We’re there to help along the way.


3. Welcome your mentees

Once your listing is live, mentees can reach out. You can message them with any questions before their session.

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What we look for in Mentors

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You have life experience


You are a good listener & have empathy

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You genuinely enjoy helping others

Common questions

How much should mentors charge and when do we get paid?

A mentor decides how much they want to charge. During the creation of a listing describing what life events they are experienced in, mentors are able to decide their own hourly rate to compensate themselves for their time & experience. Like other marketplaces, if there is a willing 'buyer', in this case, a mentee, then the mentee would book the mentor for a session. Mentors are able to indicate their availability times and if they accept mentees on a sliding scale in their listings. We use Stripe as the payment processor which takes care of encrypting and storing financial information and sending the funds to your bank account. Sagejoy is not able to view your financial bank information; all financial handling is done through Stripe payment processor. Sagejoy retains 15% of each booking as a transaction fee ("commision fee"), with a minimum transaction fee of $3 per booking (subject to being waived during promotional periods). This fee helps us run the platform and provide you with the best experience and support possible. This amount is deducted from the booking total amount when you accept a booking request. Please make sure that you also included all local taxes (if applicable) and account for any other expenses in your hourly price offered, since Sagejoy does not and is not liable to pay for these. You are also responsible for reporting all income generated from bookings per government. Sagejoy is not responsible for providing a tax return or to account for your personal taxes, if applicable. We may withhold a payment from being transferred to the mentor's bank in the event of a dispute or other event per the Terms of Use. After an appointment is finished, the mentors and mentees have a chance to review each other. The transaction is automatically 'Completed' after 2 days post appointment if the mentee does not mark the transaction as 'Completed'. After the transaction is 'Completed', the earnings appear in a mentor's bank account in approximately 7-10 days, depending on your bank. If there is a dispute or cancellation, processing times will be longer to resolve the issue and/or refund (if approved by Sagejoy). Sagejoy Process Chart- Mentors Free Trials- Minimum Transaction Size $0.50 For listings where mentors want to provide free trials, the listings will show as $0.50 cost to the mentee due to there being a minimum transaction size that must be at least equal to Stripe's minimum fee of $0.50 per booking. Sagejoy does not earn anything on these type of listings but it is a great way for mentees to meet new mentors and see if there is a fit, along with helping mentors to collect reviews.

What should I do with a difficult mentee or what if I no longer feel comfortable mentoring?

If at any point in time as a user of this website you feel unsafe, please stop usage immediately. If you feel as a mentor that the mentee is in need of professional help, please terminate services and let them know to see a Licensed Professional or a mental help hotline. Neither the mentor nor Sagejoy is responsible for taking any of these referral actions.

Are there any guidelines for mentoring?

A general guideline for mentors is that mentors be genuinely passionate in helping others, patient and good listeners. This means, letting the mentor fully vent away and discuss their issues. The conversation flow should be organic and does not need a structure, like speaking to a trusted friend. Sagejoy does not dictate or control exactly how each meeting goes, since Sagejoy is simply a service platform that helps connects mentors with mentees, but perhaps your meeting may appear in the following format: (1) Greet the mentee and ask the mentee what is on their mind. (2) Allow the mentee to discuss their issues/experiences. (3) After a mentee finishes letting you know what is their general issue, you will probably have questions - at this point ask your questions so that you better understand their situation. (4) As the conversation flows, you will share your own experiences and what happened to you and what you did and what was the result of your decision(s). (5) The mentee will ask you questions of what they should do, probably posing this question throughout the session. If you feel you do not understand their situation, keep asking questions first. After you have a full grasp, at the end of the session let them know what you honestly think. Remember, honest advice is hard to come by and that is why the mentees are here speaking with you. If you cannot give advice after the first meeting and need more time to discuss in another meeting or think a Licensed Professional that can provide psychotherapy may be better suited for the mentee, let the mentee know honestly as every case is unique. Sagejoy will not penalize a mentor for failing to provide good advice as your precious time has already passed and the mentee benefited from releasing their emotions and frustrations.

Can I communicate with a mentee prior to a paid booking? Can I accept payment or book a mentee outside of the Sagejoy online marketplace platform?

Users may ask each other questions before a paid booking, however, it is prohibited to share contact information until after a booking has been paid. It is also prohibited to post your contact information (phone numbers, emails, chat IDs, addresses, etc.) publicly on a listing page and your listing will not be approved. Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through with the integrated Stripe payment processor. Users who engage or communicate off of Sagejoy for the booking or payment process will have violated and not be under our Terms of Use.​ Users found doing so will be removed from the Sagejoy platform. Off-platform transactions & sharing of contact information prior to payment is not allowed in order to create a safe community and to ensure that you're under our Terms of Use, cancellation & refund policies. Under the Sagejoy cancellation & refund policy, if the mentee misses an appointment without advance appointment cancellation of >24 hours, mentors will still receive payment for the first hour and mentees will be refunded the remaining hours, less the first hour and the 15% Sagejoy commission fee. Furthermore, off-platform transactions & communication means that you won't be able to review your mentor or mentee after your session. Ratings are important for the Sagejoy community in order to create a safe & transparent platform for all. Keeping the booking process and communication within the Sagejoy platform makes it easy to find and reference important booking details like the date of your session, the number of hours paid, and other useful information. We can’t provide these benefits if your reservation isn’t booked and paid for directly through Sagejoy. Paying or communicating outside of Sagejoy also puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. Through Sagejoy, money is released to the mentor after the appointment.

What if I miss or cancel my appointment with my mentee?

Mentors & Licensed Professionals must try their best to fulfill their meetings after they have confirmed the appointment & time, and may not cancel bookings on a regular basis or without cause. A confirmed appointment is when the mentor or Licensed Professional accepts the appointment request. In order to cancel a confirmed appointment, please contact Sagejoy in order for the Site admin to manually cancel the appointment and refund the mentee. If you miss an appointment or know in advance that you will miss an appointment with your mentee, then please kindly let the mentee know as soon as you are aware to remind them to click "Dispute" in order to start the refund process. A missed appointment will result in you not being paid and a refund back to the mentee. Cancelling or missing excessive bookings will affect Mentors’ and Licensed Professionals' reputation, status and/or ability to continue using the Site. Please refer to the Terms of Use for full details.

How do I offer promotional pricing?

Promotional pricing is great to attract new mentees or to offer a first-time discount for someone interested to speak with you. To offer promotional pricing, simply enter into your listing and adjust the listing price. Afterwards, the listing will be sent to the Sagejoy admin for reapproval. If you would like to end promotional pricing, simply go back into your listing and adjust the listing price back to the original price or to your liking.